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Space Appers,

this is serious. We are about to take part in a experiment occurring for the first time!

Space Apps Nicosia 2014 was announced as an open event, organized by the community, for the community. This means that everybody can freely contribute in any way she/he believes will help the event become successful.

You can enjoy a hackathon as a participant, but it so much different when you become part of it (you can ask last year’s volunteers!). You might enjoy helping people, be good at video editing, or know social media inside out. Setting up a hackathon requires a wide variety of skills and talents, that’s why we split into the following groups:

Logistics: This team has a very important mission’ make sure that nobody stays hungry and that there are enough chairs for all of us. Members get to negotiate with sponsors, manage the budget, allocate resources to the other groups.

PR + Social Media: Those guys know well how to present an event in radio shows, press releases and <140 characters tweets. They take care of branding, media coverage and are willing to spread the enthusiasm through social channels.

Weekend volunteers: How would a hackathon be a success without those running up and down during the weekend. Responsible for the registration, technical support, taking photos and videos. 15 volunteers, the first ones to send an email. Members of this group can not participate in any challenge, are expected to attend an introductory meeting, wake up early for the buildup and stay at the venue the whole night.

Parallel activities: Space Apps can be a lot more than a hackathon. Telescopes, space parties, playground, remote sessions with other cities, pre-event promotional videos, let your imagination go crazy!

Space Apps will be amazing, and we can all join forces for that. Because this way it is more fun!
If you would like to know more, continue reading this email.

Thank you for the support :)
Yet another volunteer,


So what is the current state?
Everything is set up with NASA. We have booked the venue and have contacted sponsors. There are preparations for a Space Week organized by Cyprus Space Exploration Organization. There are some resources/assets from last year here.

Where can I find the tasks of each group?
We are using a tool named kanban board. Tasks are split into three columns: To Do, Doing, Done.
Every group has its own board, under the Space Apps Cyprus
There is a general board where we track all the tasks here.

How can I join a group?
Send an email to (or answer to this email) and you will be added to the group’s kanban board in trello. Then you will be contacted by a member of that group on how to get started and how things are going within that group.

Where is my help more needed?
Depends on your skills and the time you are willing to volunteer. Logistics and PR are the groups we most rely on.

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