Announcing Space Apps Nicosia 2014

Hey Space Appers,

if this video brings back great memories, then you can’t miss Space Apps Nicosia 2014!

Save the date! April 12-13, 2014. We will be joining over 100 cities around the world, to collaborate and solve challenges facing humanity – both on and off Planet Earth.

Space Apps Nicosia 2014 will be an open event organized by the community, for the community. We stay faithful to last year’s goals:

Nevertheless, we now are ready to kick-start the national space exploration program and educate the next generation of researchers and space doers.

All in all, we are trying hard to turn this hackathon into an unforgettable experience and help participants take the most out of it and come up with unique, innovative solutions.

Preparations are in full swing. Expect soon a call for volunteers, both for the groundwork of the event as well for the weekend.

Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be a long ride upwards!

Ad astra,
Isaakidis Marios @misaakidis
Event Lead Space Apps Nicosia 2014

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