Accept the Challenge! - Space Apps Nicosia 2014

Salutations fellow Space geeks,

Space Apps 2014 challenges have been announced! You can find them here. There are five themes, Technology in Space, Human Spaceflight, Asteroids, Earth Watch, Robotics. Choose the one that suits best your skills and inspires you the most.

Last year, participants in Space Apps Challenge Limassol proposed 16 solutions, standing second only to London and Rome in Europe. The selected projects Mars Sense and Enermap received global recognition and proved what we are capable of doing in Cyprus.

Remember, Space Apps is a lot more than a weekend hackathon. Apollo 11 was not a one-man mission. On the contrary, it was a joint effort of some of the best scientists and engineers of that time, which was shared with the whole world. Take that small step and open up your idea, find people to work together and share your findings and hard work; this is the way to have a greater impact!

Believe in this dream and spread the word,
to infinity… and beyond!
Isaakidis Marios
Event Lead Space Apps Nicosia 2014

P.S. Today is going to be a very special day for our understanding of the fabrics of the Universe. Researchers have just announced that Big Bang Gravity Waves might have been detected, confirming Einstein’s last untested prediction. Follow the news.

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